@ Progress...

Well, to put it simple - I thought I would be faster…

Right now the Parser is working quite well for Bawag (Austria) but I have not tried any other export file. In parallel the UI is being built. Right now all it can do is create and edit accounts with a minimal validation for different bank accounts.

To get a working release the following three components have to work:

  • API this is built with Symfony2 and FosRestBundle
  • Parser Support for one institution is fine, but not enough. For mor information on the Parser watch: https://github.com/kontogrid/Parser I’ll try to push more regularly
  • Web App I fell in love with AngularJS 2 months ago, it’s awesome and the foundation of the app. All the communication is done through the API

Target for the first beta is around June

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@ Let's build this!


this is our first post - let me describe what we aim for:

  • Parsing of Exports of any online banking system (and normalizing them!!!)
  • IBAN based system - this is to aggregate all the different senders that might show up
  • export to CSV and QIF
  • simple web app to show financial status
  • small mobile clients to push new data

The Idea is quite old for me - and I could not find any solution out there that does this.

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